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TimeTrap announces Emberwind is to be released on iPhone and iPod Touch this spring


Bring your favourite gremlin smacking adventure anywhere you go this spring.

Gothenburg, Sweden - February 16th, 2010 – Indie game developer TimeTrap teams up with developer and handheld specialist Innogiant to bring the action packed retro platformer to the iPhone and iPod Touch platform.

Emberwind was initially released for the PC and Mac platform in December 2009 and was well received by both press and gamers. Its lush beatiful graphics and easy to pick up game play accompanied with the skill progression system offers something both for the casual and younger audience while still providing a challenge for the avid gamers. writes about Emberwind: "Emberwind is a solid game. I honestly can't find anything wrong with it. I for one will certainly return to the city of Grendale for some repeat action to fill the time between the big AAA titles releases this spring."

Erik Möller, founder of TimeTrap says "Bringing Emberwind to a mobile platform is a natural next step and rather than taking our resources from developing our upcoming titles we chose to team up with Innogiant. With their proven track record on the platform and our already portable source code I'm confident they will create a great experience on the iPhone and iPod Touch platform."

About TimeTrap
TimeTrap is an assembly of independent game developers with the mission to bring fun and polished titles to the market. Next-gen games take an outrageous amount of resources and are sometimes no more fun or profitable than the simplest titles. TimeTrap strives to promote and recapture the spirit of retro gaming but approach it from the perspective of gamers today.

About Innogiant
Innogiant is a newly founded independent game development studio located in Tampere, Finland. The studio focuses on downloadable games ranging from handheld devices (PSP / PSP Go / iPhone) to PC and Mac. The driving force of this studio are four co-founders with strong backgrounds in mobile and handheld software development.


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