Welcome to the support page for Emberwind. Please see if you can find what you're looking for in the FAQ section below. If you can't, don't hesitate to send an email to us.



I cannot get Emberwind to run in fullscreen-wide mode, what should I do?

Short answer: If it doesn't work for you now you will need to wait for the patch to v1.02, please subscribe yourself to our newsletter where the patch info will be announced.

Long answer: Varying screen resolutions is much more of a problem for 2d-games than they are for 3d-games where you can easily scale your viewports. We didn't want to ship Emberwind with multiple sets of data which means that emberwind will run fullscreen-wide in the 1280x720 resolution only. 1280x720 is a 16:9 aspect ratio meaning that some 16:10 monitors just won't support that resolution. The obvious fix is to switch to the next higher supported resolution (likely 1280x800) and letterbox the screen.
This fix has been added to the workpackage for v1.02 (current version is 1.01 for PC and 1.00 for Mac). No date has been set for the patch as of yet, but we'll do our best to release it as soon as possible.

The game crashes or doesnt render properly, what should I do?

Please try the following steps in order to identify the problem:

  • Close all other running applications – to make sure that the issue isn't caused by some other application.
  • Update your graphics drivers – by far the most common issue we've seen so far. We've often seen drivers that are two or more years old on machines that have had issues. Keeping your graphics drivers up to date is always good.
  • Run the other renderer (PC only) – Emberwind comes with two different renderers. Check the Emberwind program group in the start menu. There's one "Emberwind" shortcut and one "Emberwind OpenGL" shortcut. Drivers differ in quality and it's hard to say which one works best for your graphics card, so try both.
  • Contact us – If none of the above has helped we'll be glad to assist you. To be able to help you we will need some diagnostics info.
    • If you're running PC please run dxdiag and use the "Save all information..." button. Attach the result and the Emberwind.txt log file that can be found in the hidden folder c:/ProgramData/Emberwind/ to an email. Please describe your problem carefully and send it all to us.
    • If you're running Mac Choose Apple menu > About This Mac. Click More Info to open System Profiler. (Or open the Apple System Profiler application located in /Applications/Utilities.) Click the topics on the left to see the information for "Hardware", "Graphics/Displays" and "Software" and save it in a text file. Attach this information along with the Emberwind.txt logfile that can be found in the folder ~/Library/Application Support/Emberwind/ to an email. Please describe your problem carefully and send it all to us.

What's the minimum requirements for playing Emberwind on Mac?

Emberwind requires Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or newer to run and takes up about 50MB of hard disk space. A graphics card capable of Shader Model 2 will ensure Emberwind runs at its full capacity though there are plenty of fallbacks implemented. The low end test machine we've used for the development is a first generation (January 2005) Mac Mini, PowerPC G4, 1.25 GHz, 512MB RAM, ATI Radeon 9200 (32 MB VRAM). If you've got a newer mac than that you should be fine, but don't take our word for it, download the demo and try it out before you buy the game.

What's the minimum requirements for playing Emberwind on PC?

The PC version comes in two flavours, DirectX and OpenGL. There should be very little differences between them except that the OpenGL version has plenty of fallbacks for older graphics cards which the DX version lacks. The DX version will just refuse to start and prompt you to try the OpenGL version if it can't find what it needs in your box. To run the DirectX version you need a Shader Model 2 capable graphics card. To run the OpenGL version you don't need a lot, a 2005 office PC with 50MB of hard disk space to spare should do just fine. Don't take our word for it though, download the demo and try it out before you buy the game.

I've spent a lot of time in the demo, will my progression be lost when I buy the full game?


Can I use a controller to play Emberwind?

Yes, but only on PC. Hook up a 360 controller and feel the real power of Kindle's cane!

Edit:Julien Pham kindly provided us with his tip for using a controller on the Mac. Julien says "What I did was:

  • I downloaded and installed the unofficial PS3 controller driver here (free).
  • I downloaded and installed controllermate here (not free, but a very good product, very powerful)
Controllermate allows you to program all controller buttons to do whatever you want to. I really say, whatever as you can assign a text, a keystroke, and many other options. This way I was able to assign the keys used by the game on my PS3 controller, and so I am now able to play your game with my PS3 controller, and it is great :) "

Can I copy my savegame to another computer?

Yes, all you need to do is to copy a file called users.xml. On Vista it's located in the hidden folder /ProgramData/Emberwind/
On OS X it can be found in the folder ~/Library/Application Support/Emberwind/

Will Emberwind be available on any other platforms?

We hope so. We'd like to make Emberwind available on Linux in a not too distant future and we'd love to see Emberwind on a console.

Eeeh.. this is a kids game right?

Yes and no. It's a retro platformer that should hopefully appeal to both old and young. It's certainly loads of fun to anyone who grew up in the 8-bit era but it also clearly appeals to kids. One of our most eager playtesters is a treasure hungry 5-year old girl that thinks she's fighting "filurer" and collecting "ekhallon"1 (she's apparently never heard of gremlins or acorns).
1. "Ekhallon" isn't really Swedish, but if it was it'd translate to "Oak-Raspberries"

So you're like a couple of guys that did this in your basement?

Yep, though we couldn't afford a basement and we're not really a couple.