Skeli-key challenge

skeli key The Skeli-key challenge, posted at midnight on December 28th 2009 was over in a record 27 minutes!

The challenge was to unlock and beat The Underworld, the toughest hidden stage in Emberwind, find uncle Gusto and send us a screenshot of it.

At 00:27:29 an email with two screenshots showed up in our inbox!

The winner of the challenge is Tore, a 32 year old senior software engineer from Oslo, Norway. In his email Tore explains "I wouldn't call myself a hard-core gamer, but on the other hand I have been playing computer games for quite a while. I'm more into the indie-games than the really mainstream... The last games I've finished are Machinarium, The tales of monkey island, Torchlight (in the sense that it can be finished), Braid, Space rangers 2 and Aquaria"

On our question what his all-time favourite three games are he says
"My top three games... wow, that one is hard. Super Cars 2 must probably hold a spot - still haven't found a perfect replacement for that. Zak McKracken and the alien mindbenders is also fantastic. Let's hope Zak2 gets translated into English soon, my German is not up to it. ... and Braid. That game affected me a lot."

We asked Tore what his favourite thing was about Emberwind and first and foremost he said the controls.
"Since you have several moves, it's possible to build up some skill. The cannonball is incredibly useful. The amount of secrets and hard to reach places in the first levels is perfect - I like exploring everywhere. I also like that death is a temporary setback at most. The chainburst is great fun too."

Tore's winning screenshot showing part of the dialogue between Kindle and Gusto.

A big round of applause for Tore... we're impressed!