Emberwind atlas



Kindle's home is snug in the Elderwood away from the chaos of the human world. Brownies and fireflies dance about the ponds at night entertaining the local gnomes and spirits.

boulderhood lake

Boulderhood Lake

A small and deep lake borders the Elderwood dividing the spirits from the troubles of Grendale, however the hermit that has taken up refuge here isn't safe as the lake stirs with evil.

emerald shores

Emerald Shores

Rolling green hills lead right up to the seashore where the first settlers of Grendale landed. The streets now lay smothered in the chaos of the gremlin invaders.



Villagers funnel into Glenbrook to watch the fireworks across the bay. Their cozy open fields are a perfect location to host the autumn festivities.

ulma outpost

Ulma Outpost

Ruins of an old outpost have been rebuilt to serve the people of Grendale. Now gremlin sappers rattle the walls laughing and sending the villagers in fear.

skeli vault

Skeli Vault

The Kingdom horde treasure for wealth and cursed objects to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. Grendale's Skeli Vault holds vile and evil items from times forgotten and best left alone.



Urban Grendale was built from the strongest trees and hardest stone. The Gremlins deploy siege towers and mortars to crack the people's buildings and spirits.

brakston bridge

Brakston Bridge

Before the bridge was put up the people of Grendale used the river to transport goods around using boats. Mortimer Brakston erected 3 famous bridges of which Brakston was the first.

marlon's market

Marlon's Market

The biggest market in Grendale is owned by a rich and faceless man known as Marlon. He is roumored to love only money until recently when a young lady stole his heart.

chilly mill

Chilly Mill

In the summer the mill is used to grind ice from Cold Rock Mountain to make snow cones for the kingdom's servants.

whistle gate

Whistle Gate

The city's gate to the mainland where guards would watch from walls up high for aproching enemies on their kingdom.



The city of Gendale's main street is always busy, more so now with raving gremlins parading their nastyness on the streets.

norman heights

Norman Heights

The Kingdom's richest people live in tall buildings King Gyro enginered himself in an effort to make his kingdom stand out amongst the rest.

mondo museum

Mondo Museum

The king's most valued and infamous trophies from his travels as a young lad have been put here on display.



The castle's main defense has always been well looked after. The king however never expected gremlins to attack by kite and ballon.

east bailey

East Bailey

The main guard barracks and royal storage supplies have been eaten up or set ablaze despite the castle's fortified walls.

the great hall

The Great Hall

The king and his court dwell in the deepest most protected part of the castle out of site of the general public.



Gendale's second king was a nut, he swore a pheonix appeared in his dream telling him to expand the castle by building a tower as high as he could.

the docks

The Docks

The hidden docks of Grendale are the most well protected shore allowing ships and supplies to reach the city under any circumstances.

the underworld

The Underworld

Deep in the burning belly of the earth there is said to lay a city of goblin hordes, a story they tell children to make them behave and fear, a place so evil it would make your skin crawl and your blood boil.