emberwind-logo Emberwind is TimeTrap's main project, a platformer that tries to capture the retro fun of classic games in a fresh environment. Check out the HD gameplay footage.
On The Emberwind site you can find everything about the game including manual, backstory and much much more.

Skeli-key challenge winner announced!

Posted by Erik Möller

Tore from Oslo, Norway completed the Skeli key challenge in record time. Read all about it and hear a bit about Tore and what he has to say about Emberwind.

Skeli-key challenge

Posted by Erik Möller

skeli-key The Skeli-key challenge is a contest open to all players who purchased a full version of Emberwind. Do you have what it takes to beat the underworld? Make sure to get a place in the Emberwind hall of fame! Read all about it.

Review by Resolution Magazine

Posted by Erik Möller

Resolution mag Greg Giddens at Resolution Magazine has done a review of Emberwind scoring a 7/10. I'm thoroughly impressed Greg managed to beat the game in three hours the first time he played it, but I guess if you're reviewing games for a living you're bound to have agile thumbs. You can read the review in it's entirety at Resolution Magazine

Play.tm reviews Emberwind

Posted by Erik Möller

play.tm Lewis Denby at Play.tm has made a neat review of Emberwind titled "Emberwind - home sweet gnome". The game scores a 79% and Lewis sums the review up with "Enjoy one of the most quietly endearing indie games of the year".

Interview by DIYGamers

Posted by Erik Möller

DIYGamers Geoff Gibson at DIYGamers has posted an interview about the development of Emberwind. If you like Emberwind and are interested to hear a bit about how it came to be you should find this very interesting. Check out the full article titled " The Man Behind the Gnome" on DYIGamers.com.

Want something to wrap?

Posted by Erik Möller

gift vouchers Want to give away a great game for xmas? Get a gift voucher printed in colour on nice glossy paper sent home via air mail.

Bytejacker video review of Emberwind

Posted by Erik Möller

bytejacker Episode 12 of Bytejacker features an awesome 3 minute video review of Emberwind. Check it out and follow Anthony's advice - "Try it!"

Emberwind review

Posted by Erik Möller

teh learning curve Jeremy Robinson at tehlearningcurve.com has posted a review of Emberwind. Seems like he had a good time reviewing it.. if only he could stay clear of those pits!

The first review of Emberwind

Posted by Erik Möller

DIYGamers Geoff Gibson at DIYGamers was first out with reviewing Emberwind and we're thrilled about his overall positive and very thorough review of our game. You can read his review titled " The Little Gnome Who Could" on DYIGamers.com.

Emberwind launched on PC and MAC

Posted by Erik Möller

From a press release that just went out:

Gothenburg, Sweden - December 8th, 2009 – Indie game developer TimeTrap today launched Emberwind, an original fantasy platform game as digital download through their web-store.

Emberwind will sell for $12 and is available for both PC and MAC with a free to download, unlimited play demo.

"We're thrilled to be able to launch Emberwind. It has been a long and taxing journey and everyone involved are very proud of the end result. It is a great game and will bring back many fond memories for people that enjoyed the great platformers of the 80's and 90's as well as present a very solid game experience to the younger audience."

TimeTrap announces Emberwind launch

Posted by Erik Möller

A few lines from a press release that just went out:

Gothenburg, Sweden - December 1st, 2009 – Indie game developer TimeTrap today announced the launch of Emberwind is set to December 8th.
Emberwind, an original fantasy platform game for PC and MAC, will be made available as digital download through TimeTrap's own web store at the $12 price point.

A DRM free demo with unlimited play time will be available for download from TimeTrap's site and download hosting services.

Emberwind site update

Posted by Erik Möller

To prepare for the upcoming PC and MAC release of Emberwind we've updated The Emberwind Site with the Manual, Backstory and some general information.

Emberwind entered into IGF 2010

Posted by Erik Möller

We're excited to announce that TimeTrap has entered the 2010 Independent Games Festival main competition.

IGF news update:
Over 100 games have already been submitted across all IGF 2010 competitions, and since the vast majority of Independent Games Festival submissions tend to occur at the last minute, organizers are expecting a record amount of entries this year. We're glad to be part of this great event and are really looking forward to see all the great indie efforts made by our peers.

TimeTrap gear shop

Posted by Erik Möller

Emberwind tee Emberwind demo release is drawing near and we're celebrating this by launching the TimeTrap gear shop featuring fabulous t-shirts and some fancy caffeine containers. As usual cafepress pockets all the dough, but it's not about the cash... it's about wearing an awesome gremlin tee.

Emberwind gameplay footage

Posted by Erik Möller

We're very proud to present the first released gameplay footage of Emberwind. It's available here on our media page and on youtube as a HD trailer. Check it out, let your friends know!

TimeTrap at GDC Europe 2009

Posted by Erik Möller

TimeTrap is going to GDC Europe in Cologne, August 17-19 to showcase Emberwind to a selected group of publishers. We're very excited about this opportunity and hope to be able to report back on the results in late August.

Revamped website

Posted by Erik Möller

Welcome to the new and revamped website of the indie game developer TimeTrap. After a lot of hard work we're excited to say that our first title Emberwind is finally complete. It's a very exciting stage in the life of the company and we felt this should be celebrated by a fresh look on the web. In the past there's been little time and need to update our site, but this is the start of a new chapter. To start it off we've added a development section where we'll post various bits and pieces of usable info to developers and people interested in games.