About TimeTrap

TimeTrap is an assembly of independent game developers with the mission to bring fun and polished titles to the market. Next-gen games take an outrageous amount of resources and are sometimes no more fun or profitable than the simplest titles. TimeTrap strives to promote and recapture the spirit of retro gaming but approach it from the perspective of gamers today.
The company was founded by Erik and Chris in early 2008 and they have since then gathered some extraordinary talent to create Emberwind.

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The founders

erik Erik Moller, Programming and Production
Erik has 15 years in the game industry and a lifelong passion for programming and games. He is in charge of the "Odin" engine development and game feature implementation, along with an endless list of production responsibilities.

chris Chris Van Yperen, Design and QA
Chris has been enslaved by games and game development his entire existence. The majority of his frontal lobe consists of dark matter granting him the following special powers; High Jump, Freeze Beam, Invisibility and Rocket Jump.



The Emberwind Crew

bob Bob Jones, Art
When it comes to 2d-art Bob is the cat's pyjamas! Bob was initially contracted to do the concepts and 2d art, but has since gone way beyond his contracted obligations and has become an invaluable resource. Check out Bob's page to see some more of his work.

pete Peter Pettersson, Additional Programming
Peter has an itch for new hardware and we were happy to oblige him. Peter is handling the porting of Odin and Emberwind as well as some of the nitty gritty rendering and audio tasks.

magnus Magnus Ringblom, Music
Magnus was contracted to do the music for Emberwind and did a fantastic job. Magnus is extremely professional and forthcoming, we'd strongly recommend him. check out Magnus' site.

rob Rob Dowling, 3D-Art
Rob was contracted to model and animate the in-game characters. Rob also has an indie game in the works, check it out at PixelPickle

michael Michael Huang, Sound
Michael was contracted to do the sound for Emberwind and did a great job. If you're looking for an easy to work with sound engineer, check out Sonic Expression